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A 4 x 8 foot DIY CNC kit capable of making anything you can dream up.

Based off of Maslow CNC’s design and endorsed by Maslow for distribution.

USB flash drive with 10 SAMPLE PROJECTS!

This order ships in 3-5 days.

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Product Summary:

If you’re looking for the shortest distance between purchase and production, this is the Maslow kit! In agreement with Maslow CNC, the kit is being manufactured by MakerMade CNC. Your order will come with all the necessary kit components, including the following:

Maslow Kit Contents

The Most Comprehensive Maslow Assembly Guide:

Kit Assembly Guide

Continuous Component Improvement:

MakerMade is dedicated to maintaining the open-source ideals of the Maslow CNC, while continuously improving component quality and design.

Image of the MM Kit, minus hardware bags.

Our Guarantee:

At MakerMade, we’re 100% committed to the customer and maker community above all else.  This means, in the unlikely instance that we’re unable to ship any orders, we will provide a full refund to our customers.

Additionally, should you have any questions or concerns about the product received, let us know how we can help.  We’re just getting started, but if a replacement component is needed we’ll do what’s required to make things right.

Long story, short- creating a great product, supporting the maker community, and just keeping our promises to our customers is WAY better business than any sort of short-term, single production run view.  We’re here for the long-haul, with the goal of creating amazing solutions that help you match ability with ambition.

This is an open source CNC kit designed to let you make big beautiful things for yourself and others.

You can use it as a personal manufacturing tool and knock out all of those projects around the house. Those Pinterest projects are getting closer to completion already!

Our classic CNC kit also feels right at home in a commercial setting. You can easily scale your business and increase productivity with the most affordable 4 x 8 feet CNC kit in all the lands.

Whatever your plans are, our kit is up to the task and eager to get started. Assembly can be done in less than a day with hand tools if you so desire. Power tools will make it a little less sweaty of a job and knock a minute or two off of your assembly time.

Picking up where Maslow CNC left off, this classic CNC kit is the exact same kit they produced. We took the time to go through every part in their kit and made sure everything was the same.

With it’s 4 x 8 feet working area, our kit can handle an entire sheet of plywood at one time.

All instructions and support can still be found online at Maslow CNC. No Wi-Fi in the garage? Don’t worry, we put instructions in the box just in case you are the reading type.

Check out the “What’s in the Box?” tab to see everything included in this life changing box of awesome.

Still have some questions? Head over to our FAQs for some answers!

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Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 12 in
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11 reviews for Maslow CNC Kit – Ready to Ship

  1. Allan Cook (verified owner)

    the Maslow CNC is an excellent tool for woodworking hobbyist and enthusiasts due to its low cost and versatility, besides the software is opensorce and managed by the community, I really recommend it

  2. Clay Lathan

    Excellent customer service throughout the purchasing process, I’m very excited to be receiving my Maslow kit, which shipped 01/16/2019 as a part of the January preorders. The MakerMade team are active on the maslow community forums, and have been good about providing timely status updates. I’ll be adding to this review after my kit arrives around 1/22/19.

  3. Allan Cook (verified owner)

    The Maslow CNC is an excellent tool for woodworking hobbyist and enthusiasts due to its low cost and versatility, besides the software is open sorce and managed by the community, I really recommend it

  4. Ryan Simmons

    I ordered this for my dad as a gift, and so far it’s worked great. We did make some design changes, but hey, it’s open source, and a work in progress. There were a few speed bumps along the way, but MakerMade provided me technical assistance almost immediately! We had it running within a day, and had it fine-tuned within two! For a cnc router that costs less than $1000, I couldn’t expect any better results! I would, and have recommended this kit to several people that have talked about wanting a CNC router, but had concerns about space. Chances are if you’re here, you’ve already researched and are ready to pull the trigger and build your own Maslow. This kit is definitely the way to do it!

  5. Ryan Simmons

    I bought this kit as an xmas gift for my dad. We had the machine built in a day, and had it fine-tuned in two! There were a few hiccups, but MakerMade was very quick to respond and help! The kit was fairly straight-forward to assemble. Add a cookie sheet to use as a z-probe, and it’s simple as can be to run! I have already recommended this to several people that want a cnc router but have concerns about space. If you’re on the fence about it, just do it, you won’t be disappointed!

  6. Perry Friesen

    Excellent customer service. Good communication. I am just getting to the stage of cutting the final sled but the process has been very positive and I am looking forward to getting it working.

  7. Stephen

    Maslow machine is perfect for our shop, right price and the right size. The community supported concept helps me as a new user with tons of questions. Using MakerMade to supply the kit was a great choice not only for the professional packaging but the communication and support have been 100% the whole time. I had a little difficulty putting it together and they talked me through the entire process they even shipped me a replacement motor! I would support this business with any product they sell. Great job!

  8. jeffgil13

    This has been a game changer. It had allowed my wife and I to really tap into our artistic and be even more creative. The sky is the limit now.

  9. Andy

    Mit Grad everything needed to build Maslow with z axis and even software on a USB stick.
    Z axis shaft coupler did not fit, so they sent me a new one that fit, good customer service

  10. stephenbuys

    The Maker Made team offers the best customer service that’s on the market and stands by the community concept. The kit, instructions and tech support are impressive. If you want to engage in building an affordable CNC machine for a great hobby or a small business and don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, Maker Made is the way to go! They make the process of learning and creating fun! The machine fits great in a garage or open bay area and doesn’t require the purchase of any extra software since it is all open source. After speaking with ‘support’ on the phone one afternoon, I realized I had been on the phone for an hour and a half and it seemed like 15 minutes due to their patience, communication and kindness. I’ve had the machine set up and running for only a week and already had two friends say they’ll be buying one soon. BUY A MAKER MADE CNC!

  11. ptipaps

    Great customer service, nice packaging! I just received my kit and start building this amazing machine. Thank you!

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1 – Arduino Mega                                           2 – Bungee Cord

1 – Arduino CNC Motor Shield                    2 – Drive Chains

1- Power Adapter                                           1 – Ring

1 – USB Cable                                                  4 – Ring Bearings

2 – XY Axis Motors                                         3 – Ring Brackets

2 – XY Motor Power Cables                          2 – Ring Carriage Brackets

2 – XY Motor Mounting Brackets                1 – Hardware Kit

1 – Z-Axis Motor                                              2 – Z-Axis Mounting Brackets

1 – Z-Axis Motor Power Cable                      1 – Z Shaft Coupler

Looking for more detail? Check out our in-depth dive of what comes in the kit HERE!


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If you have any questions, feel free to check out our Classic Kit FAQs.

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