about the Maslow CNC

  • Kits For Everyone

    We have kits starting at $499 and available worldwide. Check them out in our Shop!


  • Massive Workspace

    With a build area of 4ft x 8ft, our machine can tackle the largest of projects.


  • Space Saving

    With its plotter based design, the machine takes up much less space than others with similar build area.

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Our Promise

Our kits are derived from and endorsed by the amazing work done at Maslow CNC. Our goal is to pick up where they left off and continue to support existing owners of Maslow machines and continue to sell kits to those wanting to join the maker community. Over time, we will add additional functionality and expand on the features of the machine. One thing we can promise is all future upgrades will be made in a way that any existing machine can be retrofit with the new parts. Bear with us while we continue to finish out our site and we look forward to this awesome adventure with everyone!

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