About us


Who We Are

Maker Made CNC was created as a way to continue providing the Maslow CNC community with access to these amazing machines, with the help and endorsement of its original creator. We are makers ourselves and members of the community.

Our primary focus right now is getting the original kits available to the public. Second to that, we will be diving into the inner workings of the machine and looking for opportunities to improve and streamline its design. We will constantly be striving to add new features and increase the performance of existing functionality.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions for us. Feel free to fill out our contact form or look us up on the Maslow forums @MakerMadeCNC!


Our Story

Our company is owned and operated by Chris Skiles and Patrick Kinnamon. Both of us are avid makers and lovers of technology. Any time we get an opportunity to tackle a DIY project, we take it. Which is what brought us together to make these machines. We love the freedom our CNC kits provide and want to create an environment where anyone that wants one can have access to buy one.

We are also avid supporters of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) education and look forward to bringing the kits to schools and helping them introduce students to DIY manufacturing. Keep an eye out for a STEM page on our site that will be a one stop shop for educators and students looking for more information and resources on their tech journey.


Meet the Team

While our company is still small, Chris and Patrick pour countless hours into its success and future growth. We want to continue to support the Maker community for years to come with continued innovation and furthering this design with added features and accessories. 

Patrick Kinnamon

Founder & President

A big supporter and fan of the maker movement, Patrick has always had a passion for design, invention and innovation.  Growing up in Texas, he was heavily involved in painting, drafting and all things creative.  After school, this skill set continued to fuel his path forward, leading to multiple successful product launches at retail.

In the few minutes a day that he’s not focused on work, Patrick spends as much time as possible outside, woodworking, and generally bugging his fiance with weird new ideas he wants to test around the house.

Chris Skiles

Founder and Resident Nerd

Chris has been making things his entire life. As a kid, he was always on the job site with his father who worked as a carpenter. After school, he joined the United States Army and received training as a track vehicle mechanic.

When his time in the Army was completed, he attended the University of Arkansas in pursuit of a degree in Information Systems and found employment as a Software Engineer for a corporation.

In his free time, making has always been there. He enjoys his garage “shop” and has plenty of toys to aid him in his project endeavors. Everything from a table saw to a C02 laser can be found in there. He thoroughly enjoys the hobby and loves to talk tech with anyone who will listen. Feel free to drop him a message on the contact form if you want to chat!