What Comes in Your Maslow CNC Kit from MakerMade

What Comes in Your Maslow CNC Kit from MakerMade

You have seen the tool in action and you might’ve seen the components that come in the box.  But how do those components work together to make the awesome projects you see from makers around the world?  The following video should help those new to the product learn a little more about how the Maslow CNC kit comes together to create this amazing tool.

What other questions do you have about that kit that we can answer?  Place your comments below!

3 Replies to “What Comes in Your Maslow CNC Kit from MakerMade”

  1. Terry weickum


    I am very interested in buying this machine but have questions

    1. Peter Lui


      In your kit, it does not include the router right !

    2. Ross


      The Maslow CNC router you are advertising seems very good. I HAVE WONDERED ABOUT GETTING A cNC router for my workshop.
      Could you tell me which computer operating systems your software will function on please.

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