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Maker Made’s first 3D Printer, the Maker300 will help you bring your maker dreams to life. We’ve got an easily assembled, open-source design that allows you to customize your printer for your needs. The all metal, cartesian-style frame allows for a build volume of 300x300x400mm on a peel-and-play magnetic build mat, and the board supports 5 stepper drivers and comes pre-loaded with four.

Magnetic build mat and touch-screen interface

Origin Story:

The Maker300 is an in-house design, the result of years of experience from our team in 3D printing, and realizing that a simpler, better-printing, more user-friendly option was within reach.  Months of component research, scouring consumer feedback, and design testing have resulted in the entirely new product you see here.  Simultaneously familiar and revolutionary in design, the Maker300 from MakerMade will become an integral companion to any maker.

Which 3D Printer is Right for You?

Both the Maker300 and A5 offer unique advantages.  Which is right for your printing needs?  See the below chart to learn more!

Specifications and Details:

  • Build volume of 300 x 300 x 400mm (11.8 x 11.8 x 15.75in)
  • Simple, USB Flash Drive plug-in connectivity (no micro-USB required)
  • All-metal frame
  • Magnetic build mat- no surface prep required; remove finished builds in seconds
  • Setup in minutes out of the box- mount 6 screws and plug in 10 cables
  • Intuitive and custom, MKS TFT32 touchscreen interface
  • Powerful MKS Gen L main board allows user to swap their stepper drivers to suit their needs
  • Totally open-source software
  • Plug and play support for many printing accessories; no mainboard swap required
  • High quality LV8729 stepper drivers
  • Marlin firmware with bootloader
  • Raspberry Pi compatible with pre-drilled internal mounts for those that want to use Octoprint

Check out a brief unboxing and assembly video:

Already a Maslow user? The Maker Made 3DP is a perfect companion tool!

Need more pictures of finished prints?  Head over to our Instagram page for tons of featured prints:

For international customers, we’re currently only able to ship in the US, but please hang tight.  We’re working hard to expand our shipping capabilities on the printer in the near future.



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