Maslow-To-M2 Upgrade (NOW IN PRODUCTION)


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For current owners of a Maslow Kit, the M2 Upgrade Bundle is the perfect way to upgrade your rig for making and milling incredible projects.

(Router not included)


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For those who already own a Maslow Kit, the M2 Upgrade Bundle is the perfect way to take your making and milling projects to the next level.  The M2 addresses the key opportunities for the Maslow, namely:

  • Up to 40% faster cutting speed thanks to 2x z-axis movement and improved control board performance
  • Improvement of chain slack solution; reduced chance for chain wrap
  • Increased milling and z-axis accuracy
  • Simpler calibration process and overall user experience thanks to new control board and software
  • JTech laser module ready
  • T-Nut locking system for z-axis offers easy, quick adjustment to swap out and center different router sizes

This upgrade will work with nearly any existing or past variant of the Maslow (testing just hasn’t yet been performed with linkage kit).

Note- sled and router not included with this upgrade.  JTech laser module will be available for sale on the site VERY soon!

Components Included in this Kit:

  • Aluminum extruded z-axis module with 90mm router clamp
  • GRBL DUE board with protective case
  • Custom Laser Mount for JTech Laser Module
  • Spring with Carabiner hooks for drive chain slack
  • 1/4-to-1/8in Collet Reducer
  • Access to v1 of Maker Made’s proprietary “Instapath” – an automatic SVG creation software

M2 sled and router not included in the box, but will be available separately this summer.

Our Guarantee:

At Maker Made, we’re 100% committed to the customer and maker community above all else.  We pride ourselves on our service.  If you ever have any issues with your purchase, let us know, and we’ll make it right. Tag your projects! #MakerMadeMaker


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