Almost exactly 6 months from the day the company was founded, MakerMade is moving faster than ever.  It’s been an amazing ride, and the whole way, readers and supporters like YOU have helped us improve every day- keeping us honest, providing great feedback and more.

One thing we’ve heard on repeat is, “the kit is awesome, but we need more, more, more support!”  Well, we hear you, loud and clear.  That’s why this month, we’re making a huge effort to address the biggest questions we get back on a regular basis.  With a readily-accessible, robust source of help videos, we truly believe ANYONE is capable of mastering the Maslow CNC.

To kick this off, we want to share our first how-to video here, which answers one big, recurring question: how can I rotate my project so it makes better use of the work surface?

Well, fret no more!  We’ve got you covered.  Just click the link HERE for a very brief demo inside MakerCam for how you can easily do this for any project you’re working on.  Have comments on how we can improve or questions you’d like to see answered?  Share away, in the comments below.

As always, MakerMade CNC will continue to take your feedback and improve what we do, every day.