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A 4 x 8 foot DIY CNC kit capable of making anything you can dream up.

Based off of Maslow CNC’s design and endorsed by Maslow for distribution.

Free shipping to anywhere in the world for the first 150 Pre-Orders!!

Currently scheduled to ship in December, but we are working hard to have it ready sooner!

P.S. 150 isn’t as big of a number as you think it is. Go ahead and pre-order yours now so you don’t miss out on the free shipping.

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This Pre-Order Includes FREE SHIPPING.

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At MakerMade, we’re 100% committed to the customer and maker community above all else.  This means, in the unlikely instance that we’re unable to ship any orders, we will provide a full refund to our customers.

Additionally, should you have any questions or concerns about the product received, let us know how we can help.  We’re just getting started, but if a replacement component is needed we’ll do what’s required to make things right.

Long story, short- creating a great product, supporting the maker community, and just keeping our promises to our customers is WAY better business than any sort of short-term, single production run view.  We’re here for the long-haul, with the goal of creating amazing solutions that help you match ability with ambition.

This is an open source CNC kit designed to let you make big beautiful things for yourself and others.

You can use it as a personal manufacturing tool and knock out all of those projects around the house. Those Pinterest projects are getting closer to completion already!

Our classic CNC kit also feels right at home in a commercial setting. You can easily scale your business and increase productivity with the most affordable 4 x 8 feet CNC kit in all the lands.

Whatever your plans are, our kit is up to the task and eager to get started. Assembly can be done in less than a day with hand tools if you so desire. Power tools will make it a little less sweaty of a job and knock a minute or two off of your assembly time.

Picking up where Maslow CNC left off, this classic CNC kit is the exact same kit they produced. We took the time to go through every part in their kit and made sure everything was the same.

With it’s 4 x 8 feet working area, our kit can handle an entire sheet of plywood at one time.

All instructions and support can still be found online at Maslow CNC. No Wi-Fi in the garage? Don’t worry, we put instructions in the box just in case you are the reading type.

Check out the “What’s in the Box?” tab to see everything included in this life changing box of awesome.

Still have some questions? Head over to our FAQs for some answers!


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 12 in

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    I had been wanting one of these for quite some time and was stoked when it showed up on my doorstep. Comes well packaged and all the parts are neatly bagged. I convinced my 20yr old son to help me build the frame and he became just as excited as I was to get everything up and going, we actually spent 2 days in the shop together setting up and testing it. All in all it is a great little machine… I would highly recommend this product! We are already talking about adding another one to our shop. I should also give a shout out to the maslow community as the wealth of knowledge and advice that is availble via the forums is amazing! Thanks Guys A+

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